Semalt: Scrape Any Web Page With A Single Mouse Click

WebHarvy is one of the best data scraping and web crawling tools on the net. It is used to scrape images, URLs, text, and emails from a large number of sites. With WebHarvy, you can save your web content in a variety of formats and can extract useful data with just a few clicks.

Scrape a variety of sites:

Using WebHarvy, you can easily scrape URLs, email addresses, pictures, video and audio files and text from web pages. In its Configuration mode, you just need to move the mouse pointer over the page, and the data will be scraped automatically. You can also highlight the information you want to scrape and WebHarvy will start performing its function instantly. Once the data is extracted, it is highlighted with the yellow background, and you can check its quality. Amazingly, WebHarvy fixes all the minor errors in your files and will display the final result in a Capture window. If the data is not highlighted with the yellow background, you should change the settings of the tool and restart it immediately to get good results.

Identify similar data elements:

With WebHarvy, you can identify the similar data elements and get rid of low-quality content. For example, if you had scraped a particular page previously and forgot about it, WebHarvy will not extract data from the same page and will save your time and energy. Instead, you can access that data in WebHarvy's database and download it instantly to your hard disk. Similarly, you can capture more data elements from a page using this tool and can perform multiple scraping tasks at a time.

Scrape images with WebHarvy:

During configuration, when we click on a PNG or JPG file, WebHarvy will start scraping it instantly. Once the image is extracted, it gets downloaded to your hard drive automatically or is stored in WebHarvy's database for offline uses. You can scrape up to 100 image files and PDF documents at a time with this service. The 'Capture Image' option can also be used to scrape the HTML documents, and you can apply regular expressions to get the image URL in no time.

Scrape the HTML documents:

With WebHarvy, you can scrape the HTML documents with just a few clicks. For this, you should select the 'Capture HTML' option and click on the 'More Options' button in the Capture window. Here, the HTML code of your selected element will be displayed. Click on the 'Capture HTML' button and capture the HTML of the selected element.

Point-And-Click Interface:

WebHarvy is best known for its point-and-click interface. You don't need to write codes or scripts while scraping the data. Instead, you can use WebHarvy to navigate through different web pages and scrape as many pages as you want with a single mouse click. WebHarvy automatically identifies the patterns of data and provides accurate and reliable results. You can save the information in XML, CSV, JSON and TSV formats. You can even scrape your web pages anonymously and prevent WebHarvy from blocking your IP address.

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